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Riding for Cancer

Every year we are fortunate to witness one of the most challenging bike rides. The Pan Mass Challenge otherwise known as the PMC. The route brings over 5000 cyclists past the Old Manse Inn. I believe most people have been touched by cancer is some way and I admire this group of amazing people who take on this challenge. The training they go through to accomplish this ride is difficult. During the winter months they spend three days a week on an indoor bike. Beginning in May they go outside and start cycling, each week increasing the distance. One gentleman would rise a 3:15 AM to ride then hit the gym to lift weights and attend a spinning class. All this before heading to work at 7 am.

The PMC was founded by Billy Starr about 36 years ago when a group of 36 rode 220 and raised $10,200 for the Jimmy Fund. This year cyclists committed to raising $500 to $4300 depending on the length of their ride. Most exceed the minimum fundraising contribution. The fundraising goal for 2013 was $38 million. It is a very impressive organization.

There are options for the routes they chose. We had the good fortune of a rider come and stay with us as a guest at Old Manse Inn after his ride from Sturbridge to Bourne. Thank you Peter for a such a great ride.

There are one day routes and the big 2 day route from Sturbridge to Provincetown staying at the Mass Maritime Academy on Saturday. night. Some cyclists leave as early as 4:30 am and we begin to see them ride past Old Manse Inn as early as 6:20. We always make the time to stand curbside and cheer them on as they get close to finishing. Only 26 more miles. Every one of them have some emotional connection to the cause. I know I do and as I applaud them for riding there’s a tear in my eye.

Lobster Claw

Lats night Rich and I ventured out for our annual lobster dinner at in Orleans. Lobster ClawAs we were entering our second summer here a very nice gentleman showed up at the inn and introduced himself as Don from The Lobster Claw. He gave us an envelope witha certificate for two free dinners of our choice. What a great marketing idea. I may not have gone there however knowing that we needed to educate ourselves on all the local restaurants we decided we need to give it a try. The restaurant has a real Cape Cod feel. There were picnic tables inside lot’s of fish nets hanging from the ceiling with shells and buoys. Much to my surprise when I stared up at all this netting I found it to be amazingly clean. It is clearly a great family restaurant. Last nights experience was once again as special as the first. Lobster Dinner. Don, the owner is there every day and night welcoming guests. He has been there for 44 years. That’s pretty amazing. The restaurant has a small bar area, a second dining room and a gift shop that has pretty much everything pertaining to lobsters. Although I refer to it as a family restaurant, I tell each and everyone of my guests that come to the Old Manse Inn that if they are looking for a lobster dinner it is the only place to dine. Now they also have a great menu IMG_0441[1] with a large variety of fish both fried broiled, salads and sandwiches.
As we drove back to the Old Manse Inn we couldn’t help but drive down to the beach and catch the last of the sun setting. sunset Cape Cod…a wonderful place to live and for those who can’t live here please come for a visit. We still have several available rooms

Cape Rep Theater

We are very fortunate that the Old Manse Inn is just a few miles down the road from The Cape Rep Theater. When we first bought the inn we found very little time to enjoy the arts but now we make a point to do just that. The latest play we enjoyed was Anna Christie written by Eugene O’Neill. The play starred Ashlea Potts who passionately captures the lead character. Ashlea has been with the Cape Rep for several years in between living here and in NY. We first came to meet Ashlea when her parents started staying with us. They have become more like family than inn guests.

Cape Rep Theater was founded in 1986. It wasn’t until 1991 that the Cape Rep leased the property where it now from the state who purchased it from the former Camp Monomoy and began to rehabilitate several former camp buildings into a performing arts center. They have an indoor theater, and outdoor theater and recently renovated the Cape House which now houses employees and artists. They have done an amazing job.
Cape Cod offers 22 theaters between Falmouth and Provincetown. All offering first class and diverse productions. Broadway musicals to cabaret, even children’s theater. theaterMap2013
Rich and I are looking forward to the current season at Cape Rep and hoping to venture out to other theaters in our neighboring Cape Cod towns.
Check out this seasons line up of .
If your planning a visit to Old Manse Inn this season let us know ahead and we’ll be happy to secure some tickets for you.


The Gardens

A few weeks ago we began preparing our gardens for planting.  When we bought the inn the areas where the gardens presently are were very over grown with brush and weeds.  The area nearest the back door and kitchen was cleared first so we could plant an herb garden.  We use the fresh mint in many of our fruit dishes and our herbs compliment various different egg dishes.  This year we dug up the rosemary plant as it began to get woody.  It was time to start a new on.


If only I could get the rosemary to grow the way it does in CA where my kids live.  They use it as a hedge.

I always use Mothers Day weekend as my guide for planting.  Chances of a frost are pretty rare and even if one was predicted I could always throw some sheets on the less hardy plants.  Last year our new addition to the garden was eggplant.  Eggplant become my new zucchini.  We had more eggplant than we knew what to do with.  Our zucchini unfortunately did not do at all well the last two years.  We decided to remove it from the garden and make use of the old bath tub that was in the Chart Room. It made for a great planter.  Now that the herbs and vegetable garden are close to complete I’m anxious to get all the flowers in the ground.

Vegetable Garden