Movie Night at Cape Cinema

Every year, on a Sunday night in late February or early March, the world looks on as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences pulls out all the stops and puts on a gala presentation honoring the best the movie industry has to offer. We sit in front of our televisions and watch the parade of designer-clad women and tuxedo-clad gents parade in front of dozens of media interviewers. It is, without a doubt, quite a celebration. But at the end of the evening, after all the little gold statutes have been presented, it is, after all, about the movies.

The twenty-first century is blessed with wonderful technology – technology that can bring the best of those movies right to our 42” HD televisions directly though an internet connection or, via the snail-mail, movie phenomenon known as Netflix. We never have to leave the house. And although this makes the viewing of movies easy, inexpensive and convenient, the viewing experience is definitely lacking in charm, ambiance, or social interaction. Movies are made to be seen in a theater, and if you are very lucky, you have available to you a theater that makes the viewing experience worth the effort to get off your sofa. The Cape is blessed with just such a theater.

The Cape Cinema is a classic. It is one of those old-fashion, small theaters that shows one movie at a time and changes the schedule weekly. There are no stadium seats or cup holders. But the snack bar, in addition to the usual movie snacks, has a selection of local baked goods, beer and wine. If that were not enough to make it different, the ceiling is adorned with an amazing mural painted in 1827 by Rockwell Kent. At 6,400 square feet, it was the largest mural in the world at the time it was painted. The theater has a wonderful history and the kind of charm that brings you back to the day when going to the movies was a treat to be enjoyed and savored.

The Cape Cinema is located in Dennis, making it convenient for almost any Cape-dweller. It is located on the same property as the Cape Play House. Eric Hart, Cape Cinema director, is always looking for unusual films. He goes to film festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival and views almost 300 films each year in order to bring the best 60 or 70 to the Cape Cinema.

If you are looking for the perfect, nostalgic date night – or just an excuse to get off the sofa – I highly recommend a trip to the Cape Cinema, and perhaps dinner at one of the local Dennis dining establishments. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

You can see what is currently showing, as well as future features by visiting their website at:

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