Looking forward to a brand new year

Happy 2013!

We have finished taking down all our Christmas decorations – the sparkle and glitter of the holiday tucked away until next season. In 2012 we were blessed with the birth of another granddaughter and were thrilled that she was able to bring her parents all the way from California to share Christmas with us. She packed the perfect wardrobe and stole the show.

The weather this month has been amazing. Maggie and I are enjoying long walks on the beach. Today we drove to Salt Pond visitor center and walked the path to the beach where we saw several surfers. This is quite an unusual January site at the Cape. The next time you are visiting, we highly recommend you consider a trip to Salt Pond. The visitor center has an indoor theater with five, short, rotating films, a museum and a book/gift shop.

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to our friend Ruth Manchester, chef at the Bramble Inn, on her induction into “Best Chef’s In America”. This year, as part of our Valentine package, we are pleased to be able to include a $50 gift certificate for dinner at the Bramble Inn.

Although the unseasonably warm weather we are having makes it tempting to spend our days outdoors, we are making good use of these quiet winter months to spruce up the inn. This year’s to-do list includes replace the remaining fiberglass shower stalls and replacing them with tiled, glass-door showers.

I promise to follow up with more exciting photos.

Now that the hub-bub of the holidays is over, we hope you will consider taking a few days for yourself to relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of the Cape.

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