Winter Storms

We haven’t been quite as fortunate on Cape Cod this winter as last year. Storm Nemo arrived and the beaches got hit Cape Cod pretty hard. Here at Old Manse Inn,we did all the normal preparations for a storm. Rich went grocery shopping and took down all the flags. We put away or nailed down anything we thought might fly. On Friday afternoon I took Maggie for a walk and snapped this picture as a before shot. Little did I know how much this would change

We did have a few quests that weekend. One that arrived early on Thursday and left very early Friday to beat the storm and another that arrived Friday. We listened to the wind Friday night and boy did it howl. We were so happy when we all awoke to see that Brewster had not lost power. We thought we had made it. Just as we served breakfast to our guests, the power went out. Our guests checked out late that day to make the trek to CT. There they had power but also 36 inches of snow. Not sure which I would rather have. Rich and I fired up all the gas stoves to try to keep the inn from freezing. Our gas fireplace in our little apartment kept us pretty cozy. Sunday was a spectacular day. Sunny and bright. Still no power. Time to take Maggie for another walk. We often walk though Sears Point which is a condo development off Lower road. We took Maggie off leash as we got near the steps leading to the beach. We watched her from above as she frolicked in the sand and snow. Much to our surprise she had leaped off the steps as the bottom 15 stairs were washed away. Many stairs did stay in tacked although the beach erosion made them unusable.
Still no power when we returned home. Movies sounded like a great idea. They had power and popcorn. We were actually one of the lucky ones on Cape Cod to receive our power back on Sunday evening. One more day and I might have gone crazy. Many unfortunate Cape Codders still had no power on Friday.

When I finally got to the beach for a long walk I was amazed at the damage. It looked like a bomb had hit. I was unable to take another picture from the same place I took the before shop as the stairs there were also gone.

As of today the weather has warmed and we don’t have very much snow left on the ground. I don’t know how long the beach clean up will take but I am sure it will be in time for summer. Let’s hope we don’t have any more storms like the last two.

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