The Gardens

A few weeks ago we began preparing our gardens for planting.  When we bought the inn the areas where the gardens presently are were very over grown with brush and weeds.  The area nearest the back door and kitchen was cleared first so we could plant an herb garden.  We use the fresh mint in many of our fruit dishes and our herbs compliment various different egg dishes.  This year we dug up the rosemary plant as it began to get woody.  It was time to start a new on.


If only I could get the rosemary to grow the way it does in CA where my kids live.  They use it as a hedge.

I always use Mothers Day weekend as my guide for planting.  Chances of a frost are pretty rare and even if one was predicted I could always throw some sheets on the less hardy plants.  Last year our new addition to the garden was eggplant.  Eggplant become my new zucchini.  We had more eggplant than we knew what to do with.  Our zucchini unfortunately did not do at all well the last two years.  We decided to remove it from the garden and make use of the old bath tub that was in the Chart Room. It made for a great planter.  Now that the herbs and vegetable garden are close to complete I’m anxious to get all the flowers in the ground.

Vegetable Garden

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