Breakfast & Welcome Reception

While never trained as a chef – or even a cook for that matter – Brian has always said that when he was allowed some time away from the corporate world, he always enjoyed having family & friends over for a home-cooked meal!  Now that cooking is a reality for up to 25 guests each morning.

Brian’s passion comes from growing up with a stepmother who loved to cook and where the smells from the kitchen emanated the entire house.  Getting the chance to help was always a fun part of the day – and because growing up partly on a farm will make you real hungry!

In the Morning:

To entice his guests, Brian feels that you always eat with your eyes first.  Each course must be equally pleasant for the eyes as it is for the mouth.  Always attempting to beautify each plate with herbs, sauces, fruit – and the customary caramel smiley face – the hope is to bring a smile to the face of each guest first thing in the morning in the Old Chapel Dining Room.

Each breakfast meal is a full two courses and is served from 8:30A to 9:30A each morning.  The 1st course can start with a unique touch of different fruits with the perfect sauce to complement the taste of the fruit.  Take for example our Pineapple Banana Cairns.  The cinnamon crème and wild berry coulis goes perfect with the stacks of pineapple and banana and just melts in your mouth.

The same goes with the 2nd course.  Alternating between sweet & delicious collations such as Pumpkin Nut Belgian Waffles with more savory meals like our Eggs Benedict Light, it is a certainty that you will never have the same dish twice during your stay!  Putting that unique touch to Eggs Benedict, we forget the English muffin and Canadian bacon to present the eggs on a bed of fresh spinach and then add a uniquely homemade mustard or chive hollandaise sauce and you have a scrumptious flavor to remember until the next morning!

Please feel free to request your favorite recipes from your stay anytime!

In the Late Afternoon:

After a fun day exploring all that Cape Cod has to offer, what better way to come back before dinner than to relax in our recently-renovated Knowles Living Room with a glass of wine and your choice of snacks.  While both a red and white wine are offered, you also have the choice to have a hot cup of coffee or tea, bottled water or a soft drink right there at the bars.  A choice of cheeses, such as Havarti, Smoked Gouda or Asiago, are also served with a selection of crackers, sweet grapes and mixed nuts.

Please come back to enjoy this delicious offering and meet your fellow guests.  The Welcome Reception is set out Wednesdays thru Sundays from 4:00P to 5:00P.  It has been our experience to sometimes have just 1 or 2 couples getting to know each other while other days you would think we were hosting a party as the whole Inn is present with everyone getting to know each other from different parts of the state, country and the world!

If you would rather have your own party, the Old Manse can handle that too!  Please see our offerings for a nice bottle of wine and/or cheese plate prepared especially for you in your guest room.

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Old Manse Inn COVID-19 Update

April 1, 2020

Dear Old Manse Inn Family,

Charlie and I hope that this note finds you all doing well and staying safe. We think we are at our best when hosting and caring about our family, friends and our extended family (all of you!), your stay with us and all that comes with that! This includes your safety and well-being. We subscribe to the idea that we can achieve our best selves by working towards the common good of all of our guests.

In this case, it means that we have made the difficult choice to suspend operations of our Inn at the direction of the state of Massachusetts and therefore will be closed until May 4th. This is not an easy decision for sure, but we feel that it is the socially-responsible choice and one that will support a more favorable long-term outcome for the communities that support us.

If you have any questions, please reach out directly to the Inn via email ( or phone (508-896-3149). We will be monitoring this evolving situation constantly with the hope that we will be able to re-open our doors as soon as possible so that we can welcome you all back for a great stay! In the meantime, we are still taking reservations for stays after May 4th and the upcoming Summer & Fall seasons.

Please stay safe and be ready to come see us as soon as things in the world return to normal.

For your recovery and ours, please come visit us this Summer and beyond!