Common Rooms & Grounds

As noted earlier, our magnificent Old Chapel Dining Room was once part of the First Lutheran Church on Cape Cod.  Besides the 14 historically working windows that allow the morning sunshine to flow in, the room comes complete with the elegant oak paneling and beams that were installed nearly a century ago.  This room has been completely renovated.  Contrasting crown molding has been added to the walls where there was none, a warm & historic Guilford green paint has been added to the walls to brighten the dining experience even more, while the old worn carpet has been taken up – and you should see the floors that were underneath!  Add in the new lighting and the local Brewster artwork and this room is now a treat just to be in!  To enhance your experience even further, each morning begins as you awaken to the aroma of a gourmet breakfast served at a leisurely hour between 8:30 and 9:30 am.  A dining experience all its own, you will be tempted with fabulous daily entrees as well as fresh fruits, coffee and espresso and an assortment of fresh juices.

Finally, there are the other elegant rooms of this incredible estate home.  On the ground floor, guests enjoy such amenities as the Grand Parlor with the ‘grand baby’ piano & fireplace.  Many times have we seen guests enjoy the warmth of the fire while reading up on the day’s news or listening to the talent of others ‘tickle the ivory’!  In our first year owning the Inn, this was the first common area that we wanted to renovate.  With the walls a darker peach and green colors with heavy curtains covering the antique windows, we added open and bright wood shutters to the windows and re-painted the room to allow the morning sunlight bring the room to life.

Our luxurious Knowles Living Room today used to be the family dining room given its proximity to the kitchen.  In 2016, this room too was renovated to add new enjoyment for our guests, complete with library and reception bars.  We so enjoy this room now as guests come down each morning to enjoy coffee & tea and then the room transforms later in the day for our wine & cheese reception on the new bar that once used to be a mostly-unused closet!

Come see the history and come stay for the experience that each of these rooms has to offer our guests during their stay!!

Steps away, you can walk out to our hilltop porch and patio for those spectacular town views while enjoying your coffee, tea or wine.  The magnificent grounds include two (2) acres of terraced gardens, as well as stands of centuries old chestnut and maple trees.  Sit leisurely out in the sunshine in our courtyard near the Grand Parlor or take advantage of our colorful Adirondack chair on the side lawn to take in a mesmerizing view of the entire Inn, including the barn and mansion.

Old Manse Inn, Brewster MA

Old Manse Inn COVID-19 Update

Updated September 6, 2021

Dear Old Manse Inn Family,

Charlie and Brian hope that this note finds you all doing well and staying safe. We have missed many of you during this pandemic and we are certainly looking forward to seeing and hosting you all once again in 2021 and beyond!!  We subscribe to the idea that we can achieve our best selves here at the Inn by working towards the common good.  This includes the safety and well-being of our guests - and our great staff too!

It has been a wonderfully busy season here at the Inn on Cape Cod!  Occupancy has way surpassed even 2019 numbers.  As vaccinations continue to make hopeful progress, we are excited to see you all enjoy a more relaxed stay after the LONG time spent indoors and/or away from friends and loved ones.  We will attempt to keep you updated here on any new developments that we become aware of.  Here is what we know so far:

Brian will continue to work on the Brewster Reopening Advisory Board for as long as the group remains together to communicate any new information to the town, fellow businesses and guests.  He will communicate the latest Social Guidelines and available options to all guests as their arrival dates approach.  Responses may be requested from each guest regarding preferences for breakfast dining, guest room cleaning, etc.  With some creativity, we hope to still provide all of the amenities that you are used to enjoying here at the Inn!  We feel that the precautions are the socially-responsible choice and will support a more favorable long-term outcome for the communities and guests that support us.

For those guests are not fully vaccinated (2 shots + 2 weeks), we will continue to highly encourage those guests to do the following when in common areas & public spaces:

If you have any questions or need more details, please reach out directly to Brian at the Inn via email ( or phone 508-896-3149). We will be monitoring the evolving situation constantly as we move forward so that we can welcome you all for a great stay!

We hope you will join us as we know everyone needs that time away to re-charge after the last year!

All Our Best,

Brian & Charlie