A Perfect Day in Brewster, MA: Exploring, Dining, and Relaxing at Old Manse Inn!

Welcome to Brewster, MA, where a day filled with charm, nature, and delightful experiences awaits you. Join us as we guide you through an ideal itinerary, starting with a refreshing morning walk along Breakwater Beach and culminating in a delicious dinner at Spinnaker. Finally if your looking to make your trip during the beautiful time when Spring is awakening check out our blog Springtime Bliss on Cape Cod: A Perfect Getaway Guide! Let’s make the most of your stay at the Old Manse Inn!

  1. Break of Dawn at Breakwater Beach 

Begin your day with the tranquil beauty of Breakwater Beach, just a short walk from the Old Manse Inn. Collect shells or sea glass as you breathe in the salty air and witness the sunrise over the Atlantic. It’s the perfect way to invigorate your senses and set a positive tone for the day.

  1. Gourmet Delights at Old Manse Inn 

Head back to the Inn for a delectable 2-course breakfast served from 8:30 to 9:30 am. Our culinary offerings are designed to prepare you for the day ahead, ensuring you start your adventures with a satisfied palate and plenty of energy.

  1. Nature’s Symphony at Stony Brook Grist Mill 

Take a scenic drive to the Stony Brook Grist Mill, especially during early spring to enjoy the Hearing run. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking nature surrounding the mill, appreciating the serene ambiance and the unique experience of witnessing the seasonal changes.

  1. Retail Therapy at Lemon Tree Village Shops

For those inclined towards shopping, a visit to the Lemon Tree Village Shops is a must. Stroll through tiny shops brimming with collectibles, and discover unique treasures to take home as souvenirs. It’s a delightful way to spend your afternoon surrounded by charming goods.

  1. Cape Cod’s Rich History at the Natural Museum 

History enthusiasts, the Cape Cod Natural Museum beckons! Explore the museum’s exhibits and take a short hike to Wing Island, delving into the region’s fascinating past. Discover the interconnectedness of Brewster’s history with the natural world.

  1. Bike and Bite: Coastal Adventure 

For those seeking outdoor adventures, embark on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. As part of your stay at Old Manse Inn, don’t miss the Bike and Bite: Coastal Adventure. Revel in the scenic beauty along the trail and indulge in a culinary treat, creating unforgettable memories of your time in Brewster.

  1. Culinary Finale at Spinnaker 

Conclude your day with a sumptuous dinner at Spinnaker, conveniently located just down the street from the Old Manse Inn. Savor delectable dishes in a cozy atmosphere, reflecting on the day’s adventures and relishing the local flavors.

Brewster, MA, offers a perfect blend of nature, history, and culinary delights. Whether you’re a beachcomber, history buff, or a foodie, this charming town has something for everyone. Make the most of your stay at the Old Manse Inn and create lasting memories in this picturesque corner of Cape Cod. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay on top of what’s going on as well as exclusive offers at the Old Manse Inn and to this beautiful peninsula we call home Cape Cod, MA.

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